Shalom Auslander

If this is sanity, count me out. The voice in Chuckles' head asks far better questions. He's nuts. He's bananas. He's off his rocker. Sign me up. I want that voice in my head.

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Han Shaogong

When he was born, he slept with tight-closed eyes for two straight days and nights. When he was able to crawl, he quickly learnt two phrases, the first of which was 'Daddy'. The second was a little coarse.

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Buddhadeva Bose

Words like 'love', 'beauty', 'infinite' and 'immortal' were heard over and over again. Why was he saying all this? It suddenly struck me - these were just words, just shells, just envelopes.

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Greil Marcus

Seldes hears two American centuries at once. He hears a 'fluent' mainstream composed of apostles of progress, and the monomaniacs and mystics, 'all concerned with the same thing: salvation'.

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Eduardo Halfon

When I met her in a Scottish bar, after I don't know how many beers and almost an entire pack of unfiltered Camels, she told me that she liked it when men bit her nipples, and hard.

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Cave of the ancestors

Jillian Edelstein

As we arrived at the cave at dusk a ritual was taking place. The shapes and colours worn into the walls felt like ancient history. The hum of the voices, the beat of the drums and the stamping dancing feet echoed all around.

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Knots and all

Robert Voit

The lucrative new industry of camouflaging mobile phone masts to look like trees demonstrates that the background noise of verbal communication increasingly encroaches upon the visual domain.

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Ruth on the phone (1995-2004)

Nigel Shafran

Nigel Shafran's visual taxonomies of the objects, events and people of his immediate surroundings not only document his own life, but resonate with all of us. Here he turns his camera on his wife while she is engaged in phone calls at work, in bed, pregnant.

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