Umberto Eco

reads a Pinocchio proud of surreal morals and cheats

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George Szirtes

warns against self-assuring internal blather

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José Saramago

lifts the mist from our confidence in chance and fate

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Juan Gabriel Vàsquez

dives into the river of posthumous relief

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Siri Hustvedt

unravels the links between emotion and brain matter

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Amy and Heather

Chris Brooks

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The Day Nobody Died

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

On a trip to Afghanistan, in place of their cameras, Broomberg and Chanarin took a roll of photographic paper 50 metres long and 76.2 cm wide contained in a simple, lightproof cardboard box

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Stephen Gill

In a strange city or unfamiliar part of town, people often behave in a curiously furtive manner when resorting to maps and guidebooks

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