Melanie Pullen's recent series High Fashion Crime Scenes is published by Nazraeli Press.

Controlled violence

Pullen's extraordinary photographic series 'Violent Times' explores the depiction of war, drawing on both the fantasy and glamour of historic painting and the reality conveyed in modern photography.

'I dramatized the aesthetics of early portraiture and battle imagery,' says Pullen, 'to create an extensive series that questions perceptions and our ingrained desire to glamorize violence.'

Pullen precisely recreated historic battle scenes as well as fashioning imaginary ones. She employed a vast cast of models, tanks, helicopters, even biochemical warfare weapons in a laboratory to produce the series.

The historic use of imagery, style and presentation is recreated by the use of saturated films, special lighting techniques and hours of painterly retouching. The effect is a highly stylized and cinematic representation of war that questions the accuracy and reliability of both current and historic mass media.



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