Yoko Ogawa

hears fish hum to a rite of passage

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José Saramago

visits a cellist who refuses time's call

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Vasily Grossman

faces the force of an immortal Madonna

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Héctor Abad

clears his past of divine wrath

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Max Frisch

grants the chance to unmarry a wife

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Tamara Litsinskaya, from the series Ordinary Citizens

David King Collection

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On this site

Joel Sternfeld

An exploration of places where violence has stained the American landscape. Arriving long after news photographers have gone, Sternfeld portrays the landscape that is left behind, the ordinary site that remains after the tragedy

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From the series 'The Travellers'

Elizabeth Heyert

Shot in a Harlem funeral parlour, this series evolved from Heyert's fascination with the practice of some members of the Harlem community of elaborately dressing corpses for burial

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