Robert Voit's photographs have been shown at the Fotomuseum and Haus der Kunst in Munich, at the Nuremberg Kunsthalle, in the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg and internationally. He is a lecturer and visiting professor at the Art Academy Nürnberg. New Trees, with text by Christoph Schaden, is published by Steidl.

Knots and all

Geoje, South Korea, 2007

Robert Voit's project New Trees documents the apparently lucrative manufacturing industry which specialises in camouflaging mobile phone masts to look like trees. The bizarre mutant offspring of this marriage are beginning to populate the landscapes of the US, South Africa, Korea, Italy, Portugal and now the UK. For Voit these so-called 'magic hoods' of steel, fibreglass and plastic demonstrate that the background noise of verbal communication increasingly encroaches upon the visual domain.

Industrial Drive, Flagstaff, Arzona, 2006

Sacramento, California, 2006

Norscott Sandton, South Africa, 2006



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