Ricardo Waale was born in Caracas in 1959 to Norwegian and Venezuelan parents. He is the author of the short story collection Memorias en la laguna and Libros de Caracas – essays about some of the most emblematic books on the city. His story "A Special Day" was chosen for Booktrust's Story campaign.

Platform two

In the Café Stella, via a friend, I met Sabine for the first time. Although her date was with him, she seemed just right for me. I've always liked slim, blonde women who wear black. We hit it off at once and then – while we were exchanging bits and pieces of information – my friend decided to break up our mutual absorption, showing us a sheet of paper half-covered with physics formulae, and proudly saying that he'd spent four hours working on that problem alone. Sabine smiled and I told him that with four hours more, he could well cover the whole page.

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