Andrey Tarkovsky (b.1932 d.1986) was one of the most influential and celebrated film directors of the Soviet Union. His films include Solaris, Stalker, Andrew Rublev and The Sacrifice.

Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids is published by Thames & Hudson.


Instant nostalgia

These luminous polaroids taken by film director Andrey Tarkovsky in Russia before he defected to the West in the mid-1980s are a beautifully produced series of cameos from the auteur's life, revealing him to have been a master of the still as well as the moving image.

Twenty years after his death the photos have been reproduced in a book entitled Instant Light. They have the radiant melancholy of lengthening shadows and of trees looming through misty dawns near Tarkovsky's country dacha, together with portraits of his wife, son and dog.

In his introduction to the book Tonino Guerra talks of the "the melancholy of seeing things for the last time. It is as though Andrey wanted a swift way to pass on his own enjoyment to others. They are something to be shared, not only a method of making his own wish to stop time come true. And they feel like a fond farewell."



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