Jacob Holdt, born in Denmark, works as a volunteer for CARE. His most recent projects focus on white supremacist hate groups. United States 1970–1975 is published by Steidl & Partners.


Vicky in Michigan and her gun-happy family who said the guns were needed so they could "defend themselves against niggers".

In the early 1970s, Jacob Holdt first arrived in the US with 40 dollars in his pocket. Shocked and fascinated by what he discovered, he ended up staying five years. His family could scarcely believe his letters detailing the poverty and lifestyles he witnessed. So his father sent him a cheap amateur camera to capture proof of his claims. He lived as a vagabond, selling his blood twice a week and hitchhiking over 100,000 miles. He befriended whoever offered him a lift and followed their invitations to stay a few days. He never said no and visited more than 350 homes where he photographed blacks from the ghettos, millionaires, junkies and members of the Ku Klux Klan.



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